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SolarCity solar power


Align intelligence, UX and data to power exceptional customer moments

Increasing investments in intelligent applications is just one step to creating incredible customer experiences.


IBM says it is 3X more expensive to manage PCs than Macs

Saving up to $535 per Mac per four years in comparison to PCs

02 galaxy note7 blue

First look: Samsung Galaxy Note7 adds enterprise features to a consumer phone

Samsung's new Galaxy Note7 smartphone offers some impressive new security features along with an great new design and impressive specs.


Review: Phantom 4 drone

Computerworld's Mike deAgonia takes a look at the new Phantom 4.

WhatsApp Windows Mac OS bloatware

What's WhatsApp's desktop app? A bloated, pointless, Windows/Mac download, that's what

WhatsApp now has a desktop app, for Windows 8 and up or Mac OS 10.9 and up. But as a 60 MB download, it's incredibly bloated, given its lack of functionality. I can't see the point of using this over the Web app. Can you?

apple is an arms dealer

Apple is an ‘arms dealer’, analyst claims

Apple's business is not dependent on iPhone sales

mark pickett sears citizen data scientist

The rise of the citizen data scientist

Empowering businesspeople to perform their own analyses can free up highly trained data scientists to focus on the things that require their expertise.

Google April Fool's Day Gmail mic drop

Google's asinine Gmail prank: What were these fools thinking?

Google appeared to troll Gmail users yesterday, by adding a childish GIF to their sent email and making their replies disappear. If that sounds stupid and asinine to you, then you'd be right. Your humble blogwatcher tries to avoid...

Amazon Apple Google Cloud Platform

Apple cloud future: Amazon, Google, Microsoft living on borrowed time?

Amazon loses Apple, which is moving most of its S3 storage to the Google Cloud Platform. Should Jeff Bezos be worried?

amazon echo dot slate

Alexa voice commands can now be spoken into Amazon's smaller Echo Dot

Amazon on Thursday announced a sleek new hockey-puck shaped, Alexa voice-controlled device called Echo Dot, a smaller $89.99 version of the larger, more expensive Echo tower.

VMware Workspace One Mobility BYOD

VMware gives enterprises a BYOD boost with three new tools

Enterprise mobility is often a tug-of-war between freedom-seeking employees and security-minded IT departments, but VMware aims to make those differences go away.

Easy Everyday Encryption

Does anyone really want the government deciding encryption policy?

If people spent half as much time protecting their data as they do trying to prevent the data being protected, we'd all be far better off.

Google Drive

Google Apps for Work gets an SMB boost via Kronos integration

Small businesses that use Kronos workforce-management software will soon be able to tap familiar Google tools in their HR efforts thanks to a new integration project.

apple logo ipad pro

Apple touts the iPad Pro as built for business senior writer Matt Kapko visited Apple headquarters yesterday to talk about the iPad Pro the company’s strategy for positioning it as a tool for business.

Dropbox Box enterprise cloud Drew Houston

Ohhh snap: Dropbox dropkicked by Box CEO in fight for enterprise cash

Dropbox launches new Enterprise flavor at Open summit. But rival Box, Inc. throws shade...

pet servers hp

Chef cooks up some compliance assessment

Chef is holding its European summit this week and that means some bits of news to keep the faithful happy.

Toronto schools back BYOD (to class) with $14M Wi-Fi network

The largest school district in Canada is rolling out a $14 million Wi-Fi network that embraces a bring-your-own-device approach for students.

Apple Tim Cook WSJD

Tim Cook hides Apple Watch sales but bigs up Music numbers (and fanbois)

Tim Cook, Apple top chef, talks turkey. At the WSJD conflab, Cook was interviewed by Gerry Baker, who grilled him about many and various savory topics. F'rinstance, the Apple TV 4 release date...

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