Wherefore art thou CIO?

This city-government IT group is starting to use two-way radios again because staffers aren't answering their cell phones when needed, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"The current digital radios will reach far beyond the borders of our city and into the underground parking and staff areas of city buildings, due to internal antennas that have been set up where there used to be coverage problems," fish says.

"In using them, I dusted off the old call-sign sheet, but the new staff members wanted better call signs than the stodgy 'Tech1,' 'Tech2' and so on when I asked if they were out there. One, who is ex-military, suggested using the person's initials but in military-letter speak.

"Each letter has a word associated with it that makes it easy to understand over a radio. For example, Dave Doe is 'Delta Delta.'

"This sounded good until we translated our CIO's initials. We really didn't think he was going to answer to 'Juliet Romeo, are you out there?' -- and none of us were sure we'd have the guts to ask it on the channel."

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