Professional, redefined

This pilot fish is helping a friend move her co-located servers from one hosting company to another -- mainly because of technical issues and poor responses from the first company.

"We had the new rack provisioned and DNS migrated over," says fish. "Basically, all we needed to do was shut down each customer server, change the DNS records, drive the server a couple miles down the road to the new data center, rack it, power it on and test. We planned on doing this one server at a time, for obvious reasons."

The day of the move arrives, and fish shows up at the old company's data center. Turns out the company has insisted on having an employee -- the owner's nephew -- there while the equipment is being moved, presumably so fish and his friend won't do anything malicious.

That doesn't bother fish, who powers down the first server, calls his friend and heads out the door.

Nephew catches up to fish in the parking lot. "What are you doing?" he demands. "Where are the rest of them? This is going to take all day! You need to go faster!"

Fish explains that it doesn't really matter how long it takes to move the servers, and they've already planned to spend the whole day on the job.

Nephew gets even more agitated -- fish and his friend are wasting his time, the hosting company had made special arrangements to have him there, this is costing money...

Fish points out that he and his friend hadn't asked for the nephew to be there and didn't need his help. As fish gets in his car, he can hear the nephew calling his friend and yelling at her:

"This is completely unprofessional! You don't know how to run a business! You should be taking all of your equipment at once! Your customers just have to expect some downtime!"

Sighs fish, "I don't think it will surprise anyone to know my friend is still in business -- and this data center isn't."

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