No, but we won't bill you for the earache either

It's the late 1980s, and this pilot fish is at his desk when the phone rings. He picks it up -- and gets an earful of a shrieking fax modem set to maximum volume.

"After several calls like this, I report it to the company telecom group," says fish. "All they come up with is that the call is coming from outside the corporate network.

"The calls become more numerous and really start to annoy me. Hoping someone will notice the fax is never sent, I start leaving the phone off the hook when a fax call comes this in until the modem gets tired of calling and retrying several times.

"Fast forward three months: Someone at the sender finally notices they are running up a $300 phone bill each month on the fax number. They complain our 'fax' was not answering their call.

"No one noticed that their fax was not sending successfully for three months -- and they want us to pay their phone bill.

"All they got was the correct fax number to use -- again."

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