It's the start of an internship for this freshly minted IT pilot fish at a nonprofit organization in the north woods of Wisconsin.

"My first day on the job, another intern working for a different department came in complaining that her computer was acting up and being weird," fish says.

Fish and his boss stroll down to intern's office and ask her to explain the problem. She says the PC is slow and seems to have errors.

But she also complains that she has a really hard time shutting down the PC. Can you show us that problem? boss asks.

Intern pushes back her chair, crawls under the desk and yanks the power cord out of the back of the computer.

"While we looked at her in disbelief, she said that it was getting really hard on her knees to do that, and wasn't there a better way?" reports fish.

"She was immediately banned from working on computers until she could prove a level of competence."

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