Now you see it, now you don't

Network admin pilot fish works at this large product distribution center, and along with his other duties he helps out users with minor problems. So he's not surprised when he gets a call from the security guy.

"He wants to burn a CD," fish reports. "He puts a blank CD in his burner, and I walk him through burning the data to it. He then opens the drive — and says the CD is gone!

"He tells me, 'This happens to me a lot. I'll put a disk in the drive, but it's not there when I open the drive. Later, when I try again, it will come back.'"

Fish asks if the security guy has two CD drives. No, he assures fish, he doesn't. The bays on his PC are filled with a blank faceplate, one CD drive and the floppy drive.

Wondering if maybe the CD somehow lodges itself inside the drive and then later shakes loose, fish takes a long stroll down to take a look at the PC for himself.

Sighs fish, "He clearly has two CD drives — one normal CD-ROM and one burner. I open the burner and out comes the CD. I then show him how to open both drives.

"His explanation for not opening the other drive? He swears that the eject button looks just like a reset button for the computer."

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