15 marketing experts to follow on social media

Sharing helpful content marketing, search engine marketing and/or social media marketing tips, as well as information about the latest digital marketing trends, these 15 marketing pros are worth following.

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There is no shortage of marketing advice, or marketers, on social media. Indeed, it often seems that on Twitter everyone is a marketing expert (or has something they want to market or sell). So who can you turn to, or follow, on Twitter (and elsewhere) for trustworthy online marketing advice that can help you better market your business? Check out these 15 marketing experts (listed in alphabetical order).

1. Danny Brown, author/blogger. “Danny is a digital veteran and isn't afraid to change with the times,” states Amy Vernon, cofounder & CMO, Predictable.ly. “His blog is chock-filled with great posts that cover important topics with a no-nonsense attitude. Danny's never rude, but also doesn't take any guff,” she adds. “He responds to everyone and really thinks things through before writing or responding. I never stop learning from this man.”

2. Jeff Bullas, blogger, author, strategist and speaker. Why is he a marketer to follow? “His blogs on social marketing and advertising provide a wealth of information,” says Robert Hake, founder, MyLocker.net, a provider of custom t-shirts. “There are so many success stories throughout his articles that give business owners like me a clear understanding of best campaign tactics,” he explains. “Whenever I read one of his articles, I have at least ten different ideas that I'm excited to share with my team in the office the next morning.”

3. Brian Clark, founder, Copyblogger. “Every online marketer should follow Copyblogger founder Brian Clark,” says Tracy Mallette, founder, Content Newsroom. “He not only practices what he preaches by creating and sharing a ton of free digital marketing content, he also builds the tools that help you succeed in online marketing,” she explains. “He teaches you how to do digital marketing right through free blog posts, in-depth ebooks and podcasts, as well as more in-depth paid means, such as online content marketing certification training.”

4. Contently. “My absolutely favorite marketing pro would have to be Contently, a company dedicated to sharing the best and most creative approaches to content creation for brands,” says Vanessa Labi, a digital engagement specialist at Creative California, a digital marketing firm. “Their main focus, regardless of medium, is storytelling. The articles they publish on this subject matter are consistently written in a conversational, yet authoritative tone, and are presented on social media with engaging visuals and can't-not-click-on-it headlines,” she explains. “In other words, they practice what they preach! I would recommend to digital marketing pros that they follow Contently to not only get the latest marketing news, but also to stay focused on elevating content and engaging your audience with excellent storytelling.”

5. Andy Crestodina, Web strategist and cofounder, Orbit Media Studios. “Andy has a knack for simplifying complex content marketing, Web analytics and marketing technology topics and sharing them in an easy-to-understand and actionable manner,” says Steve Susina, marketing director, LyonsCG, an ecommerce digital agency. In addition to sharing “his own content, he curates and shares great ideas from others across the marketing ecosystem. And he regularly engages with others on social media.”

6. Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz. “Rand Fishkin has been a thought leader in the SEO world for a number of years and whilst no longer CEO of Moz, he is still very active in the search marketing community,” explains Simon Ensor, managing director, Yellowball, a digital marketing agency. “Thankfully, he is also forthcoming with advice and latest news as well as being particularly active on social media. This in turn makes him an incredibly useful source of contemporary information on all things SEO.”

“The reason I like following Rand is because he gives, or directs people to, great insights that are easy to digest and understand for the everyday marketer or business owner,” says Patrick Delehanty, a digital marketing specialist with Marcel Digital. “He's [very good at responding to] questions or comments on Twitter and also is fantastic at engaging in honest dialogue about business and marketing issues or news. The content he puts out on Moz and his presentations are great for anyone that is either just starting in digital marketing, or a seasoned veteran.”

7. Ahna Hendrix, CEO & lead social media specialist, ARCH Digital Agency. “I believe good content and value are the premier services you can offer on a social media platform, and Ahna does it well and with flair,” says Dan Sotridge, a motivational speaker, writer and life coach. “Her bubbly personality shines through in everything she posts, and gives the follower a reason to ‘buy in’ to what she is talking about. I am always looking for new ways to use social media to drive my business, [and] Ahna takes the work out of business-related social media and makes it fun!”

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