How to Keep Key Personnel When Layoffs Come Down

How to Keep Key Personnel When Layoffs Come Down

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No one wants to face the uncertainties that accompany layoffs. It’s a stressful time for everyone in the company. That’s why you need to be receptive to new opportunities to get beyond the current situation. Setting up a variety of bonus, incentive, and reward programs can go a long way toward retaining your top employees when layoffs occur. Here are some tips that can alleviate their angst.

Choose perks that improve quality of life.

Free soda, snack foods, and fatty lunches may be well received in the moment, but the associated morale boost is just that: temporary. Employees who indulge in these unhealthy perks may suffer from fatigue and lethargy, which can have a direct impact on productivity and creativity.

Consider, instead, offering onsite perks that contribute to employees’ quality of life by improving their mental and physical health. Massage services and fitness classes allow employees to truly rejuvenate during their work break so that they come back feeling refreshed. Employees benefit from both the short- and long-term health benefits, while employers benefit from increased productivity and happy employees. 

Treat employees like adults.

Forget the foosball table and indoor slide. Your employees are adults and want to be treated as such. You can do so—and maintain a professional corporate image—by offering onsite services that they desire as adults. For example, onsite waxing, teeth whitening, and haircut services allow employees to indulge in a little bit of “me” time that boosts morale. And onsite concierge services and entertainment planners enable employees to schedule events and activities that make their free time more worthwhile.

Facilitate their career development. 

Layoffs may create a sense of panic as employees wonder, “Am I next?” You can assure employees that you value them by giving them access to or investing in their career development with onsite corporate education. These classes also help employees feel like they are taking control of their future by developing marketable skills.

Give employees what they actually want.

There are few things people value more than time. We never seem to have enough, and we’re always seeking ways to do more in less so that we can have more time to do the things we enjoy, whether that’s being with family or working on a side project. Giving employees time off doesn’t necessarily solve the problem since they tend to work more preparing for and returning from vacation.

Instead, give employees onsite access to the services that normally eat into their free time. Access to automotive services (oil change, tire repair, etc.), dry cleaners, alterations, and eye glass repair, to name a few, allow employees to complete these necessary chores without sacrificing valuable personal time. And because the services are onsite, employees don’t have to spend work hours on the road to get them done. You can’t get any closer to giving employees the gift of time.

Nobody likes layoffs, but with a little thought and planning, employers can give their top employees perks they value and that deliver benefits to the company as well.

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