Get serious about privacy with the Epic, Brave and Tor browsers

These three desktop browsers will keep your identity safe from trackers and hackers — using very different methods.

secure encrypted internet web browser address bar

Privacy is one of the hardest things to find today — and one of the most prized, especially online. Most people, even those not technologically adept, are concerned about the amount of personal information that is being harvested by governments, corporations, third-party advertising agencies and/or unethical hackers.

Many users are content to simply install a decent anti-malware application and hope their passwords remain secret. Others install personal VPNs to try to keep their online actions from being grabbed from public or private networks. But those who are most concerned are moving from the more popular desktop browsers — Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari — to special browsers that have been designed with the express purpose of preventing the collection of user data.

There are a variety out there, but the three that are best known — and probably the most effective — are Epic, Brave, and Tor. All three offer free downloads for both Windows and macOS systems and provide certain basic protections, such as blocking ads, hiding your IP address and deleting your browsing history. However, they take very different approaches to protecting your privacy.

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