Memory-Lane Monday: Oops!

Location, location, location.

It’s a sizzling summer season at this retailer, and the main server has failed for the second time in a month, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

“CEO is rather upset, and calls IT consultant and demands immediate action,” fish says. “IT consultant responds that he proposed investment in some cooling for the server room the year before, but it was deemed unnecessary.”

CEO deems it necessary now and agrees to the investment, and the consultant works out the details of a deal with a local contractor to put in the new air conditioning system quickly.

Two days later, the contractor calls and reports that all work has been done as agreed, and the new cooling system is up and running.

Three days later, both the main and secondary servers fail completely — bringing down all IT in the company.

Reason? The air conditioning intake has been installed just above the server rack, and condensed water is dripping down in a steady flow through the servers.

The upshot, of course, says fish, is that both the main and secondary servers have to be replaced entirely. But at least the new ones will be kept cool.

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