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Donald Trump

Will Trump cyberattack actually be good for security?

I've often heard techies say they wish politics could stay out of IT, but it looks like IT has found its way into politics this year. Hotels owned by Donald Trump, the Republican candidate currently polling No. 2 in a field of 14...


New e-commerce model: Where everybody knows your name — and everything else about you

Some former Amazon managers are fine-tuning an app that, in effect, becomes shoppers' personal CRM profiles. Today, shoppers interact with specific retail sites and, maybe, develop a profile with that retailer. But every time that...

price 3

Price comparison engines have become so relevant that they're now irrelevant

There is arguably little that is more fundamental to the e-commerce experience — and triply so with mobile shopping — than price comparisons. This is important to remember when looking at the announcement that Connexity is buying...

security phishing hook

SEC said to be investigating corporate hacks by FIN4 group

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is concerned that data stolen from companies in cyberattacks is being used to conduct what effectively is insider trading, Reuters reported.

ketchup bottle

QR codes and porn: Heinz learns a domain renewal lesson

The slowest ketchup in the west, east, north and south may have retained the slowest domain renewal unit, too, and Heinz learned a painful lesson involving QR codes, Germany and a porn site. The lesson, though, is serious business. As...

cvs pharmacy services

CVS's Target deal: Prescription for a privacy disaster

When Target announced this week that it was selling its pharmacy business to CVS, it was good news for CVS, which will add more than 1,660 pharmacies to its network. But lost amid all of the mega-drugstore talk are some extremely...

Ellen Pao

Update: Pao to appeal ruling in sex discrimination case

Former venture capitalist Ellen Pao intends to file an appeal against a March decision in a sex discrimination lawsuit.

Samsung won't have to pay $930M to Apple in patent case

Samsung will not have to pay all of the $930 million in damages Apple was awarded in 2012 in a patent fight between the two smartphone makers.

five men in suits standing in row with overlapping binary numbers

Apple, A123 near settlement over poached battery engineers

The two companies face a May 27 deadline on a motion to move the case, but a settlement is near, say court documents.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay 2.0: Phones with benefits

It's becoming increasingly clear that what all mobile wallets have lacked so far is a good reason for anyone to use them.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul's bill would overturn U.S. net neutrality rules

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican presidential candidate, has introduced legislation that would overturn the Federal Communications Commission's recent net neutrality rules.

mobile payments

Best Buy remains in MCX group despite move toward Apple Pay

Best Buy said Tuesday that it will support Apple Pay mobile payments while remaining a member of the MCX group of retailers that is pushing an alternate pay system called CurrentC

password stock image

Update: Credit card terminals have used same password since 1990s

A major vendor of payment terminals has been shipping devices for over two decades with the same default password, according to researchers.

FTC hits retail firm for secretly tracking customers

A company that tracked retail store customers through their smartphones without notifying them and without giving them a chance to turn off the tracking has settled an FTC complaint that it didn't live up to its privacy promises.

apple store

Apple retail chief rebuts showroom strategy speculation

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has told store employees that the online-only sales of the Apple Watch and new 12-in. MacBook were a "unique situation" that would not become the new norm for the company.

self service big data

Getting the most out of big data

Without proper information governance, enterprises are likely to lose out on valuable insights.

Update: Wikileaks publishes searchable database of hacked Sony docs

Wikileaks has published a searchable database of thousands of emails and documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment that were leaked late last year.

macys dept store

Macy's mobile app tackles local store search — and demonstrates why it's so difficult

When Macy's this month upgraded its mobile app to allow shoppers to theoretically limit searches to a particular store, it illustrated how different such efforts can be. When we tried to use the service, it blew up at almost every...

031115blog apple store

Apple gets serious about online ordering push

Apple's head of retail is apparently serious about pushing customers to order online: There are no new MacBooks available for pickup at the company's brick-and-mortar stores.

currentc logo

Move over, Apple Pay; CurrentC due by mid-2015

The mobile payments space is about to get more crowded with the launch this year of CurrentC, a platform backed by some of the country's biggest retailers.

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