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Microsoft takes struggling Edge browser to iOS, Android

The iOS version of Edge uses the same WebKit engine that powers Apple's Safari, while the Android Edge is based on the Blink engine Google maintains for Chrome.

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Critical updates to Windows 10, XP and Vista for June Patch Tuesday

This month's Patch Tuesday is unique. Microsoft is not only attempting to address a record 94 vulnerabilities, but also provided security updates for several operating systems that are no longer supported, including Windows XP and...

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Microsoft will separate Edge from OS updates

Edge updates will now come from the Windows Store, if the rumors are true.

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Microsoft’s Edge browser is pretty dull

It underperforms in almost all benchmarks and fails in real world use.

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Massive change to a moderate Patch Tuesday

Last month, we had the largest ever release of patches and updates from Microsoft. This month, we see the biggest change to Patch Tuesday since October 2003.

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After getting pwned and owned, Microsoft vows to fix Edge security

Microsoft is working to reduce the attack surface and restrict unauthorized access of its Edge browser.

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Microsoft details changes coming to Edge browser

Microsoft is plowing ahead with its struggling browser.

Final patches for Office, Windows and Adobe Flash for 2016

This is the final Patch Tuesday for the year and also the last one using the "per-patch" detailed format. Starting in January, we will match the latest Microsoft patch deployment grouping or "roll-ups."


Windows, Office and Flash Player updates for this Patch Tuesday

With 14 bulletins for this November Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has updated Windows and Office and has also had to wrap another Adobe Flash Player update to manage two zero-day exploits.

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5 critical updates for October Patch Tuesday

October's change of season brings a fundamental change to how Microsoft presents and delivers updates to Windows 7 and 8.x systems.

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Where's the bottom for Microsoft's Internet Explorer?

Millions of users deserted Microsoft's browsers last month, adding to the collapse of the company's place in the browser world.

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Analysts laud and lance new Microsoft browser armor

Analysts today gave mixed reviews to Microsoft's new security model for its Edge browser.

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Microsoft bets that battery claims will boost Edge

Microsoft today continued to press its case that Windows 10's Edge browser is more power efficient than rivals.

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Microsoft's new plan to save Edge: reward points

Microsoft today made a play to boost its Edge browser with an awards program that gives users points for using the Windows 10 application.

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August Patch Tuesday 2016 -- Microsoft releases 5 critical updates

This August Patch Tuesday from Microsoft brings a relatively light series of updates, with five rated as critical and the remaining four rated as important. Aside from the relatively few updates from Microsoft, there are no zero-day...

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Opera rebuts Microsoft claim that Edge eats less power

Opera Software today disputed Microsoft's claim that Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, consumes less power on a laptop than Opera's flagship.


5 critical updates and the end of QuickTime for June Patch Tuesday

A few months ago, we saw the end of Oracle JAVA Plugin support, and now we see the end of QuickTime with the call to remove it from your systems. If only we could get rid of Adobe Flash.

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Users abandon sinking Microsoft browser ship at record clip

Just one month after Microsoft ceded the No. 1 browser spot to rival Google, Internet Explorer and Edge hemorrhaged users at an astounding rate.

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Microsoft tweaks IE11-Edge interoperability in Windows 10

Microsoft will introduce changes in this summer's Windows 10 Anniversary Update to simplify switching from IE11 to Edge, and back.

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Edge's share of Windows 10 browsers continues slide

Microsoft's Edge browser has slipped to its smallest-ever percentage of Windows 10 in the U.S.

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