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Android 8 Oreo Upgrade

3 patches

Microsoft releases fix for botched Office 2016 patch, KB 4011093

The non-security patch KB 4011051 had a bug that broke hyperlinks in Excel 2016. This manual patch fixes the bug.

brave browser

Brave browser bets on BATs to the web

The browser maker wants to put a price on online users' attention with Basic Attention Tokens as a substitute for traditional ads.

Android 8.0 Oreo

Android 8.0: The complete Oreo FAQ

Google's Android 8.0 Oreo release is full of fresh new features and flavors. This detailed (and delightfully creamy!) FAQ has everything you need to know.

Unified Endpoint Management

VMware partners with Google to manage Chrome devices

VMware's AirWatch subsidiary is joining with Google to enable enterprise-wide management of all Chrome devices via a single cloud portal.

windows 10 free upgrade ends july 29

Microsoft Germany agrees to stop forcing Windows upgrade downloads

Microsoft has responded to a 'Get Windows 10'-era consumer protection complaint by vowing to get user permission before downloading upgrade installation files.

brad smith rsa 2017

Microsoft exec leaves Commerce Dept.’s Digital Economy Board

Brad Smith, Microsoft's chief legal officer, has left the U.S. Commerce Department’s tech advisory board — along with more than half of the other members.

surface pro 4

Looking at a 1TB Surface Pro 2017? Make sure you know what you’re getting

The new 1TB Surface Pro 2017 actually has two 512GB drives buried inside. That saves Microsoft money, but it drives some owners nuts.

mozilla firefox primary

Mozilla nears finish line for 64-bit Firefox transition

Mozilla now delivers the 64-bit version of its Firefox browser to Windows users with compatible 64-bit hardware.

beetle bug

Where’s the KB 4034661 jumbo bug fix for Win10 Anniversary Update?

The automatically installed patch is supposed to contain dozens of bug fixes for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but it hasn’t gone out through Windows Update yet.

microsoft logo redwest a

New Windows 10 Pro edition reveals Microsoft's inconsistency

The latest version of Windows 10 is aimed at workstations and offers support for up to four processors, Resilient File System and NVDIMM-N memory. It is slated to arrive in September.

Android Upgrade

The massive Android upgrade you probably didn't notice

Not many people realize it, but Android O isn't the only big improvement making its way to mobile devices this summer.

windows bug

Where we stand with this month’s Windows and Office security patches

August has seen a relatively normal number of bugs in Windows and Office security patches, some acknowledged by Microsoft, some not.

apple watch heart rate

Apple and the future of the insurance industry

Apple’s growing recognition as a provider of reliable, secure, high-end solutions means it is entering the insurance industry value chain.

monitors with binary code

Two of this month’s Windows 7 patches cause second-screen problems

Two German sites report graphics problems in some applications when using multiple monitors. Solution: Uninstall the bad patches.

Windows 10 devices

Microsoft's still trying to figure out Windows 10 support

The company faces an inherent contradiction it has yet to resolve: It says Windows 10 is the last Windows ever, but has also set time limits on support.

iphone 7 cameras

The most annoying iPhone change ever (plus a simple workaround)

An iPhone change a while back altered the ability to easily decline an incoming call when your phone is locked. This simple workaround addresses it.

surface pro 4

Another undocumented Surface Pro update — Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework

New undocumented driver updates for Surface Pro 2017 include “Intel driver update for Intel(r) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Generic Participant."

Oh, boy. Just what we need. Another edition of Windows 10, WTFCUPFWP.

Microsoft’s just-announced Windows 10 Pro for Workstation PCs continues the product’s rapid descent down the rabbit hole.

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