A digital hub marked with crossed wrench and screwdriver branches circuits through a system.

A fat Windows Update for September's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released 129 updates to its Windows ecosystem this month. The good news: we are not dealing with any zero-days or publicly reported vulnerabilities.

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Flashback Friday: Comply and die

No good deed goes unpunished.

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Is Apple about to ‘iPod mini’ the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch may be about to become a product family in its own right.

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Wayback Wednesday: You can’t blame marketing this time

Brute force is rarely a good idea in computing.

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Please hold for Nice Barney

He always gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

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Memory-Lane Monday: OK, so it’s no problem for you, but what about your PC?

I don’t think you really understand my question.

Microsoft Surface Duo

The new Surface Duo could be the perfect workstation

A Microsoft Surface Duo tied to an Azure back end running a cloud desktop solution like Workspot could be the start of something big.

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Flashback Friday: Eh, I guess it could happen to anybody

But it’s a good lesson in humility.

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Wayback Wednesday: For my next trick …

I think I fulfilled all the requirements perfectly.

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Responding to pressure, Apple requests developer feedback

The company is encouraging developers to submit App Store and Apple development platform suggestions.

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Logic only takes you so far, my dear Watson.

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Memory-Lane Monday: While we’re chatting, I should mention about the big red switch …

It’s a whole new world in this place.

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Why Crestron has a place in a Zoom and Teams world

When it comes to video conferencing, one key to success is interoperability. In a virtual world that seems increasingly dominated by Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Crestron could be a player.

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Flashback Friday: Just wondering

Speed is so relative.

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Wayback Wednesday: Rush, rush, rush — stop!

You might have told us that a week ago.

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In search of lost time

Simple math stumps a computer system.

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Memory-Lane Monday: An unexpectedly DIY job

They always say, if you want a job done right …

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Adobe's iOS Lightroom crisis shows need for backup

Enterprise and personal users should backup often and verify new software before they install it.

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Post-COVID surveys (and evolving tech needs) suggest a coming change in PC/tablet design

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to change how employees do their jobs. It's also going to change the hardware they use.

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Flashback Friday: Well, not intentionally

And we’re not at all upset that you canceled the contract.

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