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An Enterprise Guide to your new office: The Virtual Office as a Service (OaaS)

The office as we know it is changing rapidly. This has been true for years, of course, ever since the first digital computers shook up the modern workplace.

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Exploring Remote Work Solutions: Physical Laptops vs. VDI vs. DaaS

Organizations in most industries are now deploying some kind of remote workforce. But while remote work has become increasingly common, it’s harder to find organizations with a truly secure, compliant, and fast-to deploy remote work solution.

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How to Optimize Your Call Center Workforce During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has made the future uncertain for many organizations, especially in terms of their commercial lease.

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Managing Remote Access in the Age of the Digital Workforce

As Covid-19 continued its steady drumbeat across the world in the first half of 2020, many organizations quickly turned to a work-from-home approach underpinned by digital technology to keep their workers engaged and productive.

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Remote work challenges and opportunities for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry

Across industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented organizations with a number of significant and unexpected challenges.

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Say Goodbye To The Company Laptop: Eliminating the need for a laptop refresh cycle

If you’re an IT manager or leader, you know full well the organizational strain, security issues, and lack of productivity – for everyone across an organization, including IT staff – that comes from having out-of-date laptops and other hardware.

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Securing the workplace of the future

Top 4 tips to securely onboard a digital workforce and third-party service providers