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ESG - 2020 Tape Landscape

ESG evaluates the ever-increasing need for data storage and determines that tape continues to be the most reliable, secure and cost-effective way to manage data storage.

Hyperscale Storage and Energy Consumption

HSDCs (Hyperscale Data Centers) have become the fastest growing data center segment generating massive compute, storage and energy requirements. Advanced LTO tape architectures allow HSDCs to achieve business objectives by providing data protection for critical assets, backup, recovery, archive, DR, quick capacity scaling, the highest reliability, and cybersecurity protection via the air gap.

IDC - Using Tape to Solve Data Management Problems

IDC answers the industries most pressing questions relating to Ransomware, the massive growth rate of data, cloud-based backup and how industries can overcome these challenges.

The Next Frontier for Tape

The steady and rich technology advancements have set the stage for LTO to be the most cost-effective storage solution for the enormous storage challenges that the next frontier presents, whether on-site, at a remote location, on the edge, or in the cloud.

Understanding the Data Lifecyle

Balancing a storage architecture to effectively manage data through increasingly longer lifecycles for a wider variety of workloads while minimizing costs presents the next great storage challenge. As a result, the role LTO tape plays in the data lifecycle as the most cost-effective storage solution for the ongoing archival data pile up couldn’t be more important.

Economic Benefits of LTO-8 Technology

Using the Economic Value model developed in the previous report, ESG Lab quantified the additional savings that an organization can now achieve with LTO-8 technology.

Analyzing the Economic Value of LTO Tape for Long-term Data Retnetion

Discussed in this ESG analysis, LTO solutions offer the opportunity for organizations to drastically reduce cost of ownership and improve user productivity compared with disk-based alternatives.

Best Practices for Managing Video Workflows

How media and entertainment companies are innovating and improving production, post-production, distribution, and archival data strategies.

Hidden Cost of the Cloud

Every enterprise, regardless of the industry, struggles with the management of data. Average data growth is between 35% and 65%, compounding yearly. This growth is managed within IT budgets that are only growing at an average of 7% annually.

LTO for the Next-generation Data Center

This ESG Lab Review is designed to address any possible misconception that LTO tape is a show or unreliable storage platform, while also exploring its new features.