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White Paper | Presented by AT&T

The Future of the Distributed Enterprise

This IDC white paper analyzes the trends and business drivers that are propelling enterprises toward the implementation of hybrid ICT services that can leverage the security and reliability of IP VPN, ondemand Ethernet, and software-defined networking services, including SD-WAN.

The Future Of The WAN Is Software-Defined

The adoption of cloud resources, coupled with increased bandwidth requirements to support rich media, interactive communications, and other bandwidth-heavy applications, has created interest in deploying hybrid WAN topologies at remote locations (e.g., a combination of MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.). While multiple transport technologies increase capacity and reliability, they also increase complexity and create new challenges for network managers.

Video/Webcast | Presented by RiskIQ

The Specter and Spectrum of Mitigating External Digital Threats

Phishing, malware, domain and brand abuse, ransomware, rogue mobile apps, and fake social posts are top external threats significantly impacting business and brands. How prepared is your organization to mitigate external digital threats? Gain an analyst and expert perspective on the landscape, impact, controls, tools and investments from just released 2017 State of Digital Defense report.

Viavi Special Report: Network Tools Hold Critical Insight in Attack Remediation

In the age of information, staying on top of emerging threats requires IT teams to leverage existing tools in innovative ways, such as applying deep packet inspection and analysis from performance monitoring solutions for advanced security forensics.

WAN Optimization: A Key for Unlocking Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a critical business priority driven by 3rd Platform technologies of cloud, mobility, data analytics, and social business. For the full story on the types of organizations benefiting from Riverbed's SteelHead solution and an analysis of the financial gains, check out this infographic.

3 Practical Steps to Optimizing Your Hybrid IT Environment

The world of Hybrid IT is upon us. Whether it is being approached proactively as a solution to meet business requirements or whether your organization finds itself reactively trying to regain control all of its complexities, Dimension Data can help you get the business outcomes you need from your Hybrid IT environment.

5 Steps to Cloud Service Provider Success

The cloud services shift may be even bigger than the transition to managed services years ago. The opportunity is huge because demand for cloud services is exceptionally strong among SMBs. Embrace this change, own your customer relationships and deliver extra value, and you'll be able to ensure future success.

eBook | Presented by LabTech Software

Find IT Problems Before They Find You

With IT concerns on all sides -from visibility and availability, to security and compliance-you serve as the first and last line of defense for your users, who are looking to you to make sure everything is working simply and seamlessly. What's your secret weapon? Perfecting processes through IT monitoring.

eBook | Presented by LabTech Software

Getting Started with IT Automation

As an IT professional, you need to provide efficient services while improving consistency and quality. Building automation into your IT department will make that possible. In this eBook, you'll learn tips and best practices to successfully incorporate automation into your IT department.

Keep Cyber Threats from Destroying Your Company

Every company is a target, no matter its size, function or annual revenue. Security risks come from very direction - malware, social networks and even employees. Every company has information worth protecting, and you owe it to your users to keep every byte safe and secure.

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